Quick Guide on How to Leave a Good Impression in Scholarship Interviews


Scholarships have always been a step-by-step procedure that tests a student’s character, knowledge, and morals. Exams play an important role in scholarships as they serve as one of the main factors to consider if you are worthy of the position. The other half are interviews conducted by a panel for the scholarship which helps them gauge the kind of person and student you are.

Interviews play just as big of a role as exams in getting a scholar as many scholarship programs such as the scholarship by Nihar Gala doesn’t use exams to test you. The best way to ace these scholarship interviews is to make a good and lasting impression of yourself to the interviewer which helps in making you get picked.

Similar to preparing for an exam for a scholarship, it is important to also prepare for scholarship interviews in the same manner and seriousness. We’re here to help with that as we have here several tips as well as a guide for leaving a good impression in your scholarship interviews.

Give Personal Experience rather than Examples

One of the most common mistakes that many people might have the misfortune of committing during interviews is giving examples of other people’s achievements rather than citing one of your own. Sharing someone else’s accomplishments only makes them more impressionable than you as people will find it hard to associate their achievements with you.

When it comes down to interviews, cite your personal experiences rather than telling other’s people. You can still cite other’s people achievements but make it so that you aren’t downplaying yours. As the popular saying goes: “show, don’t tell” as it is better to prove that you are worth the scholarship rather than a risk that people have to take to see your worth.

Know your Ambitions and Dreams

Dreams and ambitions serve as the main driving force of many scholarships. A common thing you will be asked in scholarship interviews is what you want to achieve with the scholarship as well as your plans in the future.

Uncertainty can leave a negative impression on yourself which is why you must be sure of the kinds of ambitions you want to achieve. The things you want to do and how you want to achieve them must be something you know and can confidently say to others. Properly expressing your ambition is key to making a lasting impression.

Don’t be One-Sided and Converse

Interviews might have a formal atmosphere and are occasionally stiff at first. If you want to make your interview more impressionable don’t settle for a one-sided response but try to have a conversation between you and your interviewer. You have to take the initiative to transform the interview into something more personal as if you are talking to an old friend. It is important to also maintain a degree of respect in these situations but it will make a more lasting impact on the interviewer this way. 

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