3 Tips for Scholarship Hunting


Scholarships are opportunities that are seemingly rare and hard to find. This statement is only half-true as you would be surprised to find that there are plentiful opportunities to get a scholarship for yourself. Scholarships have become easier to find thanks to the internet providing an easily accessible platform to promote scholarships such as the one from Nihar Gala for helping those financially unstable to achieve their dreams. 

Continuing, sending over a scholarship application is the easier part of becoming a scholar but finding one is considerably more difficult. Many scholarship programs remain the same throughout the year with minor revisions to their requirements but looking for one can take a lot of time. We’re here to make that easier as we have prepared several tips for finding the right scholarship for you.

Visit a School Counselor

One of the basic requirements for scholarship programs is giving full details of the school you will be going to for your scholarship. This requirement is mostly seen in college scholarships but is also very common in scholarships for both elementary and high school. Regardless of what you are taking, it would be in your best interest to visit the counselor of the respective school you will be taking your scholarship. The school can be the current school you are enrolled in if you are planning to stay the following year or the school you will be transferred to the succeeding school year.

Coordinating with the school’s counselor will make it considerably easier to find a scholarship as they can provide a list of scholarships their school is affiliated with. Furthermore, you can have an easier time with this as they can handle all the processes and work for you leaving you more time to focus on your academics.

Check Up on Prospective Schools

Similar to the previous tips, you can visit schools that have been accredited by several scholarships and ask to apply for a scholarship under the school’s name. This process makes applying for a scholarship easier and clearer as you can easily ask for the requirements and the like.

Different schools also offer unique scholarship programs that you might not be aware of as they can come in the form of discounts from subsidiaries. Examples of this are a sibling discount or a scholarship program only available to relatives or children of alumni from the school.

Keep a Timeline for Scholarship

This tip is a bit different as it focuses on helping you organize your scholarship more as you will eventually find yourself with many scholarship offers and opportunities. Applying to only one scholarship isn’t bad at all but can sometimes be wasteful. Scholarships are very rare opportunities with their time limit and missing out on these opportunities because you missed a deadline is very disheartening.

To avoid scenarios like this, it would be wise to have a timeline of all scholarships you have found. It is important to know when exactly a scholarship will end and if you can still apply to them despite already applying to another scholarship but no response. A timeline will help you make decisions faster to apply to other scholarships as well as make it easier to tell time.

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