3 Small Scholarship Examination Tips


Everyone can guess just how difficult a scholarship exam is. Not only is it set in a competitive environment where everyone is aiming to grab the scholarship but the exam itself can be difficult. Most scholarships use exams to screen potential scholars while others use other means to do so. A scholarship by Nihar Gala follows the latter but no matter the case, it would be in your best interests to remain prepared for any exams that might follow to test your knowledge.

The pressure to succeed in these exams can feel overwhelming at times and you might find yourself having a harder time than usual when taking these exams. We’re here to relieve that pressure and hopefully make the exams easier through several tips we have prepared.

Practice Old Exams

The first tip we have is just about as generic as you would expect but highly effective which is to practice on the old exam papers you did before. Many exam questions you find from your school’s exams usually end up appearing in the scholarship exam in one form or another. Questions found in popular books of the year will also have their questions likely appearing on the exams.

Spend time going over your old notes and exam papers until you can find questions on different subjects that you can practice and learn. You can also go online and take mock exams for different scholarships as it allows you to get a taste and feel of how the actual scholarship exams will function. Doing this not only prepares you academically for answering the questions but also prepares you mentally for taking the exam.

Focus on Topics You Need to Improve

Most scholarship exams give attention to multiple fields of study rather than one. The rare few scholarships that give focus on only one area of study usually are specialized scholarships with several restrictions and requirements such as the course you will be taking in university. While these scholarships aren’t bad and are just as good as regular scholarships, you might not have an interest in the field and end up wasting time trying to fulfill the scholarship and maintain it which is why it is better to apply for a general scholarship as they allow you a degree of academic freedom in what you can take up for your studies.

Exams in these scholarships tend to cover a good mix between English, mathematics, science, and even history among all the other subjects which is why you should be proficient with each of them. You only have to be good enough with all topics rather than be a master in them as it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish that. A tip we have is to focus on topics you are poor at and improve them in time for the exam. This way you can guarantee proficiency in many fields which will help raise your score.

Consider Getting a Tutor

Scholarship exams seem like lonely paths to take for success, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You can consider getting a tutor to help guide you in preparing for the exam. The tutor themselves can also be existing scholars of the scholarship you are trying to apply for as they can give you better advice with taking the exam as they have experienced it themselves which will be a great boost for your chances of succeeding

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